5 Tips Guaranteed To Make Garage Doors Installation Easier

Garage Doors Installation – A new garage door is something to get excited about as a homeowner, particularly if you have a front-facing door. A new garage door not only updates the look of your home instantly, but most new garage doors are also durable, attractive and come with features to improve your security, safety, and comfort.

Working with professional installers such as Austin Garage Doors is an excellent decision since we have the tools and skills required to do the job efficiently. If you’re in the process of getting a new garage door, here are 5 tips guaranteed to make the installation process easier:

  1. Relocate Vehicles to the Street

Our technicians at Austin Garage Doors cannot start working until all vehicles are out of the garage. The technicians should full access to your garage, particularly the area where the opener, springs, and tracks are located.

In addition to removing all vehicles from your garage, you will also need to leave the area in front of the garage opening clear. The technicians will use this area to park their service vehicle and as a space for the tools and parts needed to complete the job successfully.

  1. Clean Up Your Garage Floor

Your garage doesn’t need to be spotless, but you should clear the areas on the side of the door of any boxes, tools, bicycles, as well as anything likely to get in the way of the installation. If there are shelving systems in the garage, photograph them and send the pictures to the technicians before you schedule the installation. Our technicians will let you know whether they are in the way of the installation.

The technicians will require access to the entire garage so that they can hang the tracks, doors, openers, etc. You should also ensure that you remove anything of value since the garage will remain open while the new garage door installation is underway. Furthermore, it also prevents our garage door technicians from causing any accidental damage.

  1. Keep Pets and Children Away from the Garage

Pets and children may be curious when they see strangers enter their home. So, keep your children and pets safe by not letting them enter the driveway or garage, especially if unaccompanied. Garage doors installation involves many heavy, sharp, and potentially dangerous components.

Keeping your children and pets out of harm’s way is paramount. Fortunately, you can easily prevent accidents by limiting their access to the work area until the installation is complete. If you want to watch the technicians work, do so from a safe distance.

  1. Plan to Be or Stay Home

If at all possible, plan to be and stay home when the technicians arrive. That way, you can go over the details of the project face-to-face and perhaps even ask any last-minute questions. Our technicians don’t require supervision while working but you should still be accessible in case questions arise. If you cannot be home, schedule the installation on a day when at least one member of your household is available.

  1. Prepare Questions to Ask the Installers

If you have done proper research on garage doors, you probably have a good idea of exactly what you want. If you still have any lingering questions about the garage doors installation, ensure that you list them down so that you can ask the installation crew once they arrive.

After all, our installers know the best ways to operate and maintain your new garage doors since they are the experts. You may want further details about warranty information, safety inspections, maintenance, and safe cleaning practices.

Ready to Replace Your Garage Door?

A new garage door installation gives you the perfect opportunity to upgrade the look and overall functionality of your Austin home. The garage door installers from Austin Garage Doors will ensure that the installation is done perfectly.

Still, you will need to lend a hand. Ensure that you remove all the contents of your garage and prepare the work area as explained above. That way, everyone will be happy at the end of the process and the job will be completed within the set deadline.

Austin Garage Doors offers a variety of garage door services, which include new garage door installation and garage door replacement. If you are considering new or replacement doors for your garage, get in touch with our team to schedule an appointment.

Garage Doors Installation
Garage Doors Installation

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